The Wandering Mama

Travel has always been a huge part of my life and identity. When I became a mum I was determined to continue. It’s not all plain sailing: plans have changed, expectations have shifted, but pursuing my passion for exploration has continued.

My little family

My wandering parent adventures began as a single mama, so I’ve got tips to share around how to make that extra challenge work.

Recently we’ve added a man person to our travelling mix. This, combined with my son passing the little boy phase, has made the idea of long-haul travel seem attainable. We’re eagerly planning our next big adventure somewhere far-flung and fantastic!

Tips and recommendations happily received!

More about me

I’m worried to the point of obsession that I might be nearing early middle-age. Having recently taken up running and learning to cook, I’ve probably actually brought this upon myself. I should’ve stuck to hard drinking and lounging about in bed. Early middle-age wouldn’t be so bad if I were a proper adult…but I’m not. However I have managed to keep a small person alive, single-handedly (almost), for over 6 years!

I’ve been a yogi (that’s the technical – not at all wanky – term) since I was 19 and practicing weekly for 4 years, but only recently learned (the hard way) that yoga should never be practiced while drunk (especially if you’re showing off in a pub, like a twat).

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