New Year, new me?

I like the start the year of congratulating myself for being the person that I am, for all my small achievements and for the things I’m grateful for. That might sound a bit happy clappy, but I find resolutions anxiety inducing and counter productive. The one year it worked was that time 6 years ago that I resolved to stop smoking. And anyone who was out with me on NYE can attest to how strict my resolve can be. Instead of resolutions, which can also have a negative nature (I resolve to stop…etc), I like to set aims and targets. The New Year is a nice time to think broadly about where you are and what steps you can put in place to improve your life. This year I’ve come up with 12. Some of them I’ve kept so simple my friends laughed when I told them, like getting a cat and going to Scotland. But others are things I’d like to achieve, for example completing a professional qualification, start playing piano again (I’m 20 years lapsed) and overcome my fear of public speaking. Mine are less about making a firm decision that I want to live differently, and more a set of aim that, if achieved, will make sure I look back at 2018 with a smile and sense of accomplishment.

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